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Berlin, Hangzhou – Injex Pharma is glad to announce, that Chinese Hangzhou Hema Medical Equipment, Hangzhou, has acquired all assets of the Berlin based INJEX Pharma AG as of January 1st, 2016. This investment was financially backed by a young Chinese Investor based in Suzhou, China. INJEX Pharma pioneered needle free injections for intradermal and subcutaneous applications. The needle free technology is used for medical and cosmetic treatments. The Injex Pharma Group will have offices in Germany, China and the US.

"I am very excited to have Hangzhou Hema Medical Equipment as a strong strategic investor with excellent access to the fast growing Chinese market. And as a Chinese-German company we will be able to combine the respective comparative advantages of both countries", says Injex Pharma Group CEO Dr. Thomas Klaue. Hangzhou Hema Medical Equipment is specialized in the distribution of medical products and a close partner of China Sinopharm, one of the largest pharmaceutical distributors in China. The newly started Chinese-German company will focus on medical therapies to treat diabetes, for applications in the field of vaccination, local anesthetics as well as dermatological beauty treatments.

It is the company´s intention to establish a new manufacturing site for the ampoules needed in large volumes in China and for the rest of the world. The injectors shall be produced in Germany as well as a strong R&D Center to specialize for the Groups Big Pharma partners. Dr. Peter Heinrich, previous Chairman of Injex Pharma AG and Managing Director of Sinfonie Life Science Management GmbH who currently also serves as Chairman of Bio-Deutschland, Germany´s Biotechnology Industry Association with more than 300 members comments "I am looking forward to see this Chinese-German company to become a successful cooperation between our countries. We may see more such projects, where German Technology attracts investors in China". The needle-free technology is a revolutionary approach to inject medications by way of transdermal therapies and it is a contribution to improve medical treatments in many fields like diabetes, vaccination and growth hormons.

And from Hangzhou Hema Medical Equipment the message is, that based on the needle-free technology they already had some promising contacts to bring the Injex products and the transdermal therapies into big pharma partnerships for diabetes treatment and vaccination. "We have seen the interest for cooperations among big pharma partnerships for diabetes treatment and vaccination, which is one of the reasons that we are now opening an office in US to develop this opportunities", says Nadia Chan, CEO Hangzhou Hema Medical Equipment. First orders have been placed already.

Berlin, Hangzhou, Feb. 18th, 2016